George Harrison was born in Liverpool, UK on 25th February 1943, during World War 2. With one older sister Louise, and 2 older brothers Harold and Peter, George had a simple upbringing living at Arnold Grove with no garden and an outside toilet. When he was six the family moved to Speke in Liverpool where conditions improved. He was educated at Dovedale Primary School and when he was 11 moved to the Liverpool Institute for Boys. At the age of 14 George started his interest in music, heavily influenced by Elvis Presley. His first guitar cost £5, but prove to be a poor purchase as it was damaged and even after being repaired proved difficult to play. He persevered however and learned the basic skills. He then purchased a more costly guitar, a Hofner Futurama for £30 (a small fortune in the 1950’s). From here, he formed a band along with his brother Peter. The Rebels made only one appearance however, the local Legion Hall. George then left school, without great results.  He took up an apprenticeship as an electrician.  He then joined the Les Stewart Quartet, before teaming up with Paul McCartney to both practice guitar playing and eventually writing songs. Paul had now joined the Quarrymen, fronted by John Lennon, but saw an opportunity of getting a place for George in the line-up. Following several gigs, the band changed their name to Johnny and the Moondogs to enter a talent competition, where the initial distinctive harmonies of John and Paul were born. From here they changed their name to the Silver Beatles and by 1960 began touring the length and breadth of Britain, before eventually becoming known simply as the Beatles. George was a Beatle, one of the Fab Four, from 1960 until he left the band in January 1970. From here George pursued many solo projects including the mystical album “All things must pass”. He became an avid supporter of major charitable causes, notably the starving refugees from Bangladesh. He played guitar on solo projects by John Lennon and also Ringo Starr. He later became part of the “supergroup” the Travelling Wilburys, playing alongside Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. He formed a film company handmade Films producing such classics as “Time Bandits” and “Withnail and I”, as well as many others. He was married twice, once to Patti Boyd in 1966, and then to Olivia Trinidad Arias in 1978, producing his only son Dhani. When did George die? - In 1999 he survived after being stabbed by an intruder in his home but sadly George died in November 2001 following a long battle with cancer.  George Harrison © ITtoU Services Ltd 2012