John Winston Lennon was born in Liverpool on Oct 9th 1940. He was raised by his Aunt Mimi following the marriage breakdown of his parent's Julia and Alfred Lennon. Although estranged from his mother. She kept in touch with him through his formative years and bought him his first acoustic guitar. When he was seventeen, his mother was knocked down and killed. John was not academic, and after leaving Quarry Bank High School without passing his exams, he moved to Liverpool College of Art. His first band the Quarrymen (named after his school), saw him teaming up with fellow Beatles to be, Paul and George. From there the band evolved into the Beatles. John was a member of the Beatles from 1960 to 1970. He was responsible, along with Paul for writing most of the original compositions. The Lennon/McCartney tag become synonymous with successful top-ten hits. Apart from writing for the Beatles Lennon and McCartney's work was covered by many stars at the time and to this day their songs are recorded by current performers and remain very popular with all age groups. When the Beatles broke up, Lennon produced several albums, notably "Imagine".  As well as acting and writing, John also produced many films including "Let it be" and "Magical Mystery Tour". He was also involved in the self-indulgent production of "Two Virgins", basically a film to accompany the similarly titled album with Yoko Ono. John married Cynthia Lillian Powell on Aug 23rd 1962. They were divorced on Nov 8 1968,  and had one child Julian, now a musician in his own right. He married Yoko Ono in Gibraltar, on Mar 20th 1969. They had one son, Sean, Also a musician. When did John Lennon die? On Dec 8th 1980 at 23:00, John Lennon was shot four times and fatally wounded, outside his luxury Manhattan apartment by Mark Chapman, who had asked for his autograph only hours before. John Lennon © ITtoU Services Ltd 2012